Business Acquisition & Disposal

We advise on disposals and help you with a plan to target your disposal strategically.  We help valuing assets, finding suitable purchasers and negotiating the sale.  We can assist this process to help achieve the primary objective and minimise the disruption to the business being sold.  Our role can include:

  • Consideration of the strategic options
  • Establish a valuation range
  • Draft a disposal memorandum 
  • Identify and contact prospective purchasers
  • Management of disposal process
  • On-going refinement of the sale agreement 
  • Post disposal assistance  

Our role varies from project to project however a typical transaction for acquisitions could include:

  • Identification of suitable target companies through research in Ireland.
  • Drafting an acquisition strategy, which identifies the key elements of the existing business and address the benefits any acquisition could bring to these key elements
  • Assessment of suitable targets and the likely transaction price 
  • Investigation of the financial affairs of the target company 
  • Management of the process from offer to agreement
  • Assistance with the implementation of the post-acquisition plan including payroll, administration, sales tactics and accounting systems.
  • Optimising the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise.