Tax Planning

We adopt a proactive and commercial approach to your tax planning. We ensure that taxation advice is not given in a vacuum and that it takes account of personal circumstances, the economic and business context and is specifically designed to achieve your long-term objectives.
Our close relationships with our clients allow us to get to know their business, their business plans and any personal aspirations so that our advice is completely relevant to our client’s commercial needs and objectives.
We advise on all aspects of taxation to facilitate the needs of both corporate and individual clients.

People and businesses are subject to a wide range of taxes including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty, Value Added Tax and Employers PRSI. Tax planning can help reduce or remove the effect of these taxes, whether you’re a business or individual.
Where tax is concerned we recognise the importance of considering the implications of all taxes on your circumstances and not just a particular tax you may want to review.

Good compliance and filing your returns on time is of huge importance in your relationship with the Revenue. We put great emphasis on helping our clients achieve this.

Our job is not simply to calculate the tax due and tell you what to pay. Our job is to help you plan your business activities so as to maximise the available tax reliefs and discuss with you in advance the tax implications of business decisions.

  • The implementation of group corporate structures to maximise the use of any available corporation tax losses.
  • The reorganisation of existing group corporate structures for commercial, family or tax reasons.
  • Annual remuneration planning to ensure maximum tax efficient salaries are extracted by company directors and shareholders
  • The preparation of cash extraction reports for company directors and shareholders to include cash extraction strategies for the immediate, medium and long term.
  • VAT and PAYE reviews of business operations to ensure all filing and regulatory obligations are being met.
  • Assistance with VAT planning, registration and administration
  • Advice in relation to consequences of group VAT registration.