Business coaching

Traditional accountants do a great job of the numbers, but that’s often as far as the service go.

Gordon Lane & Co. offers effective business coaching to help you grow your business through improved efficiency. If you have a company or business, you might be interested to know just what business coaching is. Coaching refers to setting up a new way of learning. This enables our clients to optimise both their work and their time within a company. In addition to helping achieve goals and make improvements to everyday life from a management perspective, coaching can also help boost the skillsets of the entire workforce

Everyone can benefit from coaching, at all levels in your business, from the owner through to the management team , you will naturally become more efficient and effective, through regular, goal-focussed business coaching.

Business coaching will help you to understand the need to work on your business, not in your business and will also address your own personal development.

We begin with an expert, in-depth, holistic analysis of your business, it’s effectiveness, it’s challenges with your future goals in mind and get to the root of what you and your business is about and from here, we create an immediate and longer-term action-plan that will ensure your success.

If you our clients have a problem with the direction of your company, we can help you achieve a higher level of productivity. The impacts of business coaching can affect every member of your team. It makes possible the transfer of knowledge in order to achieve the best version of a company and its components.

Coaching is a process in which objectives must be carried out. These objectives are centred around aspects of the company which have been identified as areas for improvement. We work alongside the company to find ways that these duties and processes can be performed as efficiently as possible.