Corporate Restructuring

Whether a business needs to consolidate its different interests, de-merge those interests or prepare for retirement, passing on the business to the next generation or the disposal of the business or part thereof, tax is always a significant concern. We offer advice on how to ensure such corporate restructuring or reorganisation can be carried out tax efficiently.

This will include consideration of client shareholdings, new companies required, potential for future disposals and the tax implications with particular emphasis on the various tax heads impacted including CGT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Allowances, Stamp Duty, VAT and RCT.

Restructuring is an increasingly important service required by businesses. Our wealth of experience allows us to explore all strategic options available to businesses, formulate recovery plans and advise all interested parties, on the most effective way forward to achieve the businesses full potential.

Our priority is not just to help rescue a business – we endeavour to lay firm foundations to set the business back on track for success. We believe that real recovery is always possible with timely advice from an appropriate source.

Our services include:

  • Identification of the real underlying problems facing businesses
  • Formulation of recovery plans
  • Undertaking company reviews
  • Viability reviews
  • Operational reviews
  • Financial reviews
  • Implementation of restructuring strategies and active appraisal of their impact
  • Arrangement & securing of finance.

We can provide advice & assistance in the following areas:

  • Company valuations
  • Holding companies
  • Cash Extraction
  • Asset protection
  • Partition of family companies
  • Share buybacks
  • Retirement and family succession
  • Management buy outs
  • Reduction in group companies
  • Conversion to unlimited status
  • Due Diligence