Ireland wins appeal in €13 billion Apple tax case

16 of July, 2020
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Europe’s second-highest court ruled on Wednesday that the Republic did not give Apple illegal state aid, overturning a European Commission decision four years ago that the iPhone maker owed Revenue €13.1 billion in back taxes.

The General Court in Luxembourg ruled that the commission “did not succeed in showing to the requisite legal standard” that Apple received tax advantages from the Republic.

The ruling may still be appealed by the commission before the Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU’s highest court. It could take up to a further three years before there is a final outcome on the case, stemming from the world’s biggest-ever anti-trust decision.

Most of the €14.3 billion collected by the Government in 2018 following directions from the commission, including €1.2 billion of interest, will remain in escrow until a final verdict is delivered.

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