Technology has used Covid-19 lockdown to show us who’s master

16 of July, 2020
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If one moment of soul-searching clarity has emerged for me during the Covid months, it is that technology is not a tool serving me. It is an uncompromising taskmaster that seeks to undermine and humiliate at every opportunity.

I suspect that, having been forced to share our homes for months with the many manifestations of this flippant, unruly companion, all of us are united – though feebly, and without hope – against this common enemy.

As the weeks unspooled, I found my collective technology was not satisfied with relentlessly disclosing my numerous digital world shortcomings to me alone in my quiet introspective moments of trying to troubleshoot our wireless network or install three years’ worth of Windows 10 updates but having all progress halt with the one from December 2019 (as go the Windows updates, so go us all).

Instead, it relishes the chance to display my ineptitude to, at the very least, my lockdown partner but, ideally, a gathered Zoom audience.

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